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Elatochori (Greek Ελατοχώρι, meaning "fir-tree village") is a beautiful village, situated in the Pieria mountain range (highest summit: Flampouro; 2,194 metres elevation), in the geographical territory of Macedonia. Elatochori has a population of 715 inhabitants as of 2001 and it is one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece, thanks to the beauty of the region and —of course— its ski centre.

The ski centre of Elatochori is situated at an elevation ranging between 1,400 and 1,800 metres, on the southeast-facing hillside of the Pieria mountain range. It features ten slopes of variable difficulty, ranging from very easy (blue slope) to very difficult (black slope), with one of them specially designed for snowboarding and another one for sledging. The lifts of the centre are an aerial double-seated chairlift, two surface lifts and two baby lifts. The ski centre also features a chalet at the region known as Papa Chorafi (situated 8 km from Elatochori at an elevation of 1,450 metres) with a capacity for more than 400 people. The local Club for winter sports and climbing is based at the ski centre of Elatochori.

There are dozens of things one can do in the region of Elatochori. Apart from the obvious ones, such as winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, sledging, snowmobiling), the region is perfect for hiking, climbing, mountain-biking, horse-riding and off-road driving.

Places to visit

  • the Elatochori ski centre
  • the Pieria mountain range with their dense forests of conifers and deciduous trees and their smooth summits and hillsides
  • the villages of Vria and Ritini
  • the waterfall known as Sotiri Rema, situated between Elatochori and the ski centre
  • the “hanging” waterfall found at a diversion from the way to Sarakatsana
  • the Plateau of Sarakatsana, which offers stunning views to the Thermaikos Gulf and Mount Olympus

Monuments and Museums to visit

  • the folklore collection with items from the everyday life and activities of people that lived in Elatochori in older times
  • the ancient quarry, whose immense marble blocks may have been used to build the ancient Temple of Erechtheio at the Acropolis in Athens
  • the ancient spa (fourth–fifth century AD), located near to the Church of Aghia Paraskevi

Events to attend

  • the traditional feast in the old village of Elatochori for the celebration of the so-called “Clean” Monday or Monday of Lent (48 days before Easter), during which the visitors are offered traditional food of the fasting period
  • the celebration of Elatochori, which takes place on the 21st of May
  • the tradition of Kyrialesa for the celebration of Epiphany on the 6th of January

Food and Drinks to taste

  • traditional sweet and savoury pies
  • game meat (hare, wild duck, wild boar, quail, partridge)
  • local wines
  • local dairy products, such as yogurt and several varieties of cheese
  • local pulse dishes, such as bean soup, lentil soup, chickpea soup and oven-baked giant beans

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