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Kalamata in Greece

Kalamata (Greek Καλαμάτα) is a city in South Peloponnese and the capital of the prefecture of Messenia. It has a population of 57,620 inhabitants as of 2001, which makes it the second biggest city in Peloponnese and the tenth in the whole country. It is situated 238 km southwest of Athens, between two peninsulas, the Peninsula of Mani (Cape Tainaron) in its east and the Messenian Peninsula (Cape Akritas) in its west. The city is built facing the Messenian Gulf, where its port is situated and connects the city with Crete (Chania), the islands of Cythera and Anticythera, and the town of Gytheio.

Kalamata is an agricultural region, well-known for the homonymous Kalamata olives and its excellent olive oil.

Places to visit

  • the old town in the centre of Kalamata
  • the village of Ano Verga with its stunning view to the city of Kalamata and the Messenian Gulf
  • the Mountain range Taygetus (highest summit: Profitis Ilias 2,407 metres)
  • the picturesque village of Nedousa hidden in the mount range of Taygetus

Monuments and Museums to visit

  • the Castle of Kalamata (thirteenth century)
  • the historical byzantine church of Aghioi Apostoloi
  • the Benakeion Archaeological Museum of Kalamata
  • the History and Folklore Museum of Kalamata
  • the Military Museum of Kalamata
  • the Railway Museum of the Municipality of Kalamata
  • the region of Ancient Messene near Kalamata

Events to attend

Food and Drinks to taste

  • Kalamata olives
  • olive oil
  • fresh and dried figs
  • balsamic vinegar
  • pasteli: a delicacy made of sesame seeds and honey or sugar
  • kagianas: scrambled eggs with tomato and sometimes cured pork meat
  • pasto: cured pork meat
  • fir tree honey
  • lalaggia: a type of oblong doughnut
  • diples; a type of pastry deep fried and topped with honey and coarsely ground nuts (walnuts, almonds)
  • hog roast
  • fresh fish and seafood

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