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Methoni in Greece

Methoni (Greek Μεθώνη) is a town of 1,169 inhabitants situated near the Cape Akritas on the Messenian Peninsula, in South Peloponnese. The town lies at a strategic position and it has held fortifications since the ancient times, as revealed by the writings of Ancient Greek historians.

Nowadays, Methoni is well-known for its majestic medieval Fortress, which is one of the most important fortifications in Greece, and for its beautiful beaches. The Castle of Methoni was built by the Venetians around the thirteenth century. Its interior walls feature impressive carvings of lions dating back to the fifteenth century. Connected to the Castle through a stone-built causeway, is Bourtzi, an octagonal tower built on a rocky islet and serving as a lighthouse, prison, as well as a refuge in cases of siege.

The islet complex of Oinouses, located offshore of Methoni and consisted of Sapientza, Schiza and Santa Marina, forms a natural protection to Methoni’s port. One of the deepest spots of the Mediterranean Sea, the Dike of Oinouses (5,200 metres approximate maximum depth), is also located in the sea of Methoni.

Places to visit

  • the village of Foinikounda and its beautiful beach
  • the beach of Methoni
  • the Lampes beach
  • the Ammos beach in Sapientza, accessed by boat

Monuments and Museums to visit

  • the Fortress of Methoni
  • the Venetian Well by the town’s entrance
  • the Syggros Square with the old School in the centre of the town
  • the church of Aghios Georgios
  • the Byzantine church of Aghios Vasileios

Events to attend 

  • music concerts and theatrical plays taking place during the summer in the Castle of Methoni

Food and Drinks to taste

  • fresh fish
  • plakotiganites: flat pancakes topped with grated cheese
  • kagianas with artichokes: scrambled eggs with fried artichokes
  • pasto: cured pork meat
  • sausages with sage
  • olives
  • olive oil

Map of Methoni with accommodations

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