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Panagitsa in Greece

Kajmakčalan, or Kaimaki or Kaimaktsalan or Voras, is a mountain on the border between Greece and North Macedonia. It is the southernmost and highest peak, 2,521 metres, of a range known in Greek as the Voras Mountains and in Macedonian as Nidže. The frontier between the two countries runs across the summit. It is the third-highest peak in Greece after Mytikas and Smolikas and the fifth-highest in North Macedonia.

Map of Panagitsa with accommodations

The blue markers shows the location of various accommodations in Panagitsa. The letter in the marker describes the accommodation types: H for Hotel, A for Apartment, R for Resort, B for Bed & Breakfast and O for Other (e.g. pension, villa). Click on the blue marker for more information on the accommodation.

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