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Authentic Greek recipe for Dolmades, a delicacy made with stuffed vine tree leaves

May 06

Served Dolmades

Spring is finally kicking in again and nature around us is starting to gain back its vivid colours! For those of you living in the Northern hemisphere, this is the perfect time to make Dolmades (or Dolmas; in Greek: ντολμάδες) or —in their smaller version— Dolmadakia (Greek: ντολμαδάκια). […]

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Quick and easy traditional Greek pie with homemade filo pastry

Dec 11

Traditional Greek cheese pieThis delicious traditional Greek pie can be served as an appetiser, main dish or even breakfast and it matches really well with a drop of Greek honey (trust me on this!). The recipe comes from my best friend, whom I have known since we were six years old. She was kind enough to share with us not only her recipe but also all her little secrets for making the best homemade filo pastry. […]

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Recipe for the real Greek Salad

Jun 20

The quintessence of the Mediterranean diet on a plate

The real Greek Salad

Hooray! Summer solstice; officially the first day of summer!

No no! Wait a minute… That’s not entirely correct!

Well, actually, if we wanted to be slightly more precise, the summer solstice for the Northern hemisphere occurs exactly when the axial tilt of Earth’s semi-axis in the Northern hemisphere is most inclined towards the Sun. As a consequence, the summer solstice is more of a single moment in time […]

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The Mediterranean Diet

Mar 05

Oven-baked fish with vegetables and potatoesMost of you have heard about the Mediterranean diet and its beneficial effect on our health. What you probably did not know is that the Mediterranean diet, and especially its variations adopted by people living in Greece, Italy, Spain and Morocco, is actually on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. To be more precise, the four countries proposed a declaration to UNESCO about the Mediterranean diet, with the aim to demonstrate its diversity and raise awareness about its importance. Indeed, on the 24th of November 2010, UNESCO decided […]

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Aegina Fistiki Fest

Oct 02

The pistachio festival (Fistiki Fest) at the port of AeginaThe yearly Aegina Fistiki Fest is all about the small and green culinary nut named pistachio. During these four days of festivities in September, the port of Aegina transforms itself to accommodate culinary degustations and competitions, concerts and theatrical performances with popular artists, as well as various exhibitions involving the famous local nut. The Aegina Fistiki Fest gathers yearly […]

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