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The original Greek recipe for Gemista stuffed vegetables

Jun 21

Gemista stuffed vegetables served on the plate

Summer on a plate!

Let’s celebrate the first day of summer with one of the most summery recipes! Gemista stuffed vegetables is one of the most colourful and tastiest plates. You can make it all year round, but it is best during the summer, when it is the right season for the vegetables used in the recipe. That of course depends […]

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Authentic Greek recipe for Dolmades, a delicacy made with stuffed vine tree leaves

May 06

Served Dolmades

Spring is finally kicking in again and nature around us is starting to gain back its vivid colours! For those of you living in the Northern hemisphere, this is the perfect time to make Dolmades (or Dolmas; in Greek: ντολμάδες) or —in their smaller version— Dolmadakia (Greek: ντολμαδάκια). […]

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Recipe for the real Greek Salad

Jun 20

The quintessence of the Mediterranean diet on a plate

The real Greek Salad

Hooray! Summer solstice; officially the first day of summer!

No no! Wait a minute… That’s not entirely correct!

Well, actually, if we wanted to be slightly more precise, the summer solstice for the Northern hemisphere occurs exactly when the axial tilt of Earth’s semi-axis in the Northern hemisphere is most inclined towards the Sun. As a consequence, the summer solstice is more of a single moment in time […]

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